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For Churches.
By Missionaries.

SolaSites make websites for local churches and the company also provides team members with a business platform that allows them to minister in countries that do not allow missionaries.

The Big Picture

Our team desires to see God worshipped greatly among the nations. The mission that Christ gave to the church is to make disciples and to establish churches. The more that this mission advances around the world, the more greatly God is worshipped, and the more we rejoice.

Technology and the Mission of the Church

The gospel can and indeed does advance through the preached and written word on the internet. We meet people on a regular basis who have been converted to Christ while listening to sermons online. We also meet people on a regular basis who were connected with a doctrinally sound, Christ loving church in their city by looking on the internet. Websites are not the primary means of the mission advancing, but they are very important tools that cannot be neglected. So naturally, we’re excited about what we do.

Our Story

Several years ago when our founder was moving overseas as a missionary, he needed a platform that would allow him access to that country. He already had some business experience, but he began to learn to code and over time established a web development company. Those were the seeds of what has now become SolaSites.

We are a small team of professionals who design sites, write code, and support clients so that local churches around the world can use the internet for good. Some of us are also missionaries who preach the gospel, train pastors, and strengthen the church in one of the neediest places on earth. And SolaSites enables us to do that.